Commercial Office Building

A Smart Business Works In a Smart Building

Whether you work from home, or work is “home away from home,” it just makes sense to work SMART. Having a smart business means using smart technology – also called automation – that makes things more efficient. It will revolutionize your business environment and impact how you work in it (and feel about it)!

Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, increase productivity, and create a safer work environment for you and your employees, it also is a way to show your clients that you value those things too.

Let’s break these down even further..

Saving energy = saving money! Even if you’re not concerned with saving energy for the environment’s sake, saving money is something every business can get behind. What can you automate to save energy? A motion sensor can turn lights on/off, and/or they can be programmed to turn off at certain times of the day. Blinds can open or close as they auto-adjust to the light, helping you keep the room insulated from the heat or cold outside. Your thermostat can also keep you comfortable during the day, but lower the temperature at night when no one is there (automatically). And any of this can be controlled remotely too, in case you need to change anything while you’re away.

A comfortable environment = more productive workers! The recommended temperature for optimal productivity is 68-76 degrees F, and low CO2 improves cognitive levels. You can get a smart thermostat that also regulates air quality to ensure you are providing the best possible environment for your employees. An added bonus is that automating certain everyday tasks (think opening/closing procedures) will be one less thing your employees have to do – giving them more time for actual work.

Smart = safe! There are a myriad of ways that smart technology can make your work space safe from intruders: your motion detecting lights can trigger the alarm system and video surveillance (helping you with insurance claims later); your outside lighting can automatically turn on at dusk to deter intruders; you can even incorporate security doors or gates that only admit authorized employees by scanning their badge or license plate, You’ll also be safer from accidents – motion detecting lights will make sure you always see where you’re going, even if your arms are full. No more running into someone in a dark room!

Need another reason to upgrade to a smart business?
Avista has a rebate program! They are offering rebates on energy-saving upgrades, just like some of the ones we mentioned above. So you see, choosing a smart business is a smart financial move! Click the link below to let us know you’re interested in more information – we’ll schedule a call or a project estimate to help you find out how much you can save: