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At Heritage North Electric, we’ll take care of your Generator Install & Repairs from start to finish; after helping you choose the right size and type for your backup needs, we’ll prepare the installation site outside your home, place the generator, run the natural gas or LP fuel line, install the transfer switch, and make all of the necessary electrical connections. Finally, we’ll make sure that your backup generator runs properly and is ready for its first power outage.

Generator Repair & Warranty

You invested in a Generac automatic home backup generator, and now you’re never without power. Just like a car, air-cooled backup generators need to be properly maintained to perform as intended. We recommend you have your unit serviced every 6 months. Our factory-trained technicians are available to handle all your Generac servicing needs while it’s under warranty and beyond.

You can choose one of our service packages to get your generator auto-serviced every 6 months and extend your warranty. Plus! Enjoy the security of our remote monitoring.

If you are looking for the Owner’s Manual for your generator (or any other Generac equipment), please use the online product support on the website. You can use your model number or serial number to find your manual by using the form located here:

For questions about the warranty of your Generac generator (or other Generac equipment), please contact Generac directly at 888-GENERAC (888-436-3722)

To ensure accurate warranty coverage, please register sure your Generac equipment at

An added benefit of registering is proof-of-purchase in the event of an insurance loss such as fire, flood or theft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Please Call (208)603-4812 or click Request A Quote and we will schedule you for a free estimate to assess your electrical project and provide an estimated quote, free of charge. If additional consultation is needed, we can schedule additional appointments and charge an hourly rate (please inquire for current pricing).

What size generator do I need for my home or business?

This will be determined by the size of your home and what you want to power during an outage. You can choose to have everything run off your generator during a power outage, but most clients just want to run the bare essentials until their power comes back on. The upfront cost of a larger generator can be worth the convenience of being able to run anything you want. but there’s no sense in extra expense for a capacity you don’t need.

How often does a Generac generator need maintenance, and what does maintenance involve?

Maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliable performance of Generac generators over time, and Generac will even extend the warranty when the recommended service schedule is followed. Their recommended schedule is every 6 months, and includes maintenance such as oil and filter changes, battery checks, inspecting electrical systems, inspecting and cleaning fuel lines and connections, plus much more.

How long is a Generac warranty, and what does it include?

All Generac generators (2014 models or newer) come with a standard 5 year limited warranty that covers comprehensive parts, labor, and engine components. Choosing a Preventative Maintenance Package will extend your warranty to 7 years. If your generator is older or out of warranty, we offer service repairs at an hourly rate, plus materials.

Call Heritage North Electric for Answers to All Your Generator Install & Repair Questions!

Above are just some of the questions Idaho & Montana residents ask us about their Generators and Backup systems, but there are far more! If you have additional questions or if you need more professional help with your problem — Call (208) 603-4812 today or Request a Quote.

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