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At Heritage North, we specialize in high-end Outdoor & Landscape Electrical solutions. Including dock lighting systems, deck and outdoor kitchen electrical and landscape lighting that will compliment your outdoor space and enhance your lovely North Idaho views.

We work with our customers to design lighting that works with their space and budget and adds function and style to any space. We also provide power and lighting upgrades to existing electrical systems.

Let us help you define your outdoor spaces, light up your pathways, uplight your trees, select lighting that compliments your style, and really set your dock and/or outdoor spaces apart from the rest. Call our experienced Outdoor & Landscape Electrical Professionals today to get started.

Outdoor Hot Tub Electrical
Outdoor Space & Landscape Lighting
Outdoor Hot Tub Electrical

Outdoor Electrical Services

  • Outdoor Power and Lighting

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Pathway Lighting

  • Patio Lighting

  • Outdoor Kitchen Electrical

  • Dock Lighting & Electrical

  • Hot Tub Electrical

  • Snow Melt Controls

  • Tree Uplighting

  • Security lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Please Call (208)603-4812 or click Request A Quote and we will schedule you for a free estimate to assess your electrical project and provide an estimated quote, free of charge. If additional consultation is needed, we can schedule additional appointments and charge an hourly rate (please inquire for current pricing).

What is the process for putting in a hot tub?

Make sure you know if there are existing electrical hot tub hook ups or if they will need to be put in. We recommend scheduling an estimate for the hook ups before purchasing your hot tub just in case there are limitations to what you can put in.

How can I troubleshoot outdoor lighting issues?

If you are having problems with your outdoor lights or outlets, it may be due to wiring issues, faulty connections, or defective components. We always recommend calling an electrician for professional help with electrical issues, but especially when it is outside since it gets exposed to rain or snow.

Why do I need to bring power to my dock?

Powering your dock will add safety, efficiency, and fun to your outdoor lifestyle. Lighting is essential for safety when walking along your dock to go boating or fishing. Consider a boat lift to make maintenance more efficient. Plus, with colorful lighting and music-syncing options, your neighbors and passing-by boaters know exactly where the party’s at.

What are the best practices for controlling outdoor lighting, such as timers or motion sensors?

We advise integrating control options like timers, motion sensors, or smart lighting systems to enhance the convenience, security, and energy efficiency of your outdoor lighting.

Call Heritage North Electric for Answers to All Your Outdoor Electrical Questions!

Above are just some of the questions Idaho & Montana residents ask us about their Outdoor & Landscape Electrical needs, but there are far more! If you have additional questions or if you need more professional help with your problem — Call (208) 603-4812 today or Request a Quote.

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