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At Heritage North Electric, our Residential Electricians offer a wide range of residential electrical services. Our services include custom home electrical,  new construction, remodels, and upgrading your home’s electrical systems to meet today’s modern demands. From basic troubleshooting to new wire and fixture installations, our licensed professionals are ready to tackle your job.

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Kitchen Residential Electrical Lighting

Residential Electrical Services

  • Appliance Upgrades
  • Electrical Panel Installs
  • Mobile or Manufactured Home Power
  • Septic Controls
  • Recessed Lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Please Call (208)603-4812 or click Request A Quote and we will schedule you for a free estimate to assess your electrical project and provide an estimated quote, free of charge. If additional consultation is needed, we can schedule additional appointments and charge an hourly rate (please inquire for current pricing).

Is my wiring up-to-date?

Homeowners or commercial property owners may not be able to identify the age of their wiring. It takes a trained electrician to determine the quality of your wiring and make necessary changes. Old wiring has a tendency to dry rot and can lead to multiple problems. It is best to get your home inspected if it was built several years ago.

What should I do if an appliance continuously blows a fuse?

First, make sure there are not too many appliances plugged into one circuit, as this can overload it. If it’s just one appliance, unplug it and either replace it or call us to repair it. You could also try connecting another appliance to the problematic receptacle. If it still shows signs of trouble, have the receptacle and or the circuit checked by a residential electrician. Call one our home electrical service experts today at (208) 603-4812.

What’s the difference between a blown fuse and a blown circuit breaker?

When the electrical current that passes through a fuse exceeds the limit, it burns a hole in the thin strip of metal. This stops the flow of current and it means you have a blown a fuse. Fuses need to be replaced (not reset).

When the electrical current exceeds the limit through a circuit breaker, however, the breaker trip setting opens to stop the flow of current. Breakers are re-settable by flipping the handle on the face of the breaker.

Are LED lights better than incandescent?

LED lights are more expensive to purchase than incandescent lights, but they’re more efficient (they’ll last 50,000 hours instead of 1,200 hours). They also have a lower annual operating cost, which is great for people trying to “go green.”

What is a GFCI?

You may have seen an electrical outlet with a “test” and “reset” button in the middle – this is a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). It automatically shuts off an electrical circuit when it detects that the current isn’t flowing correctly. It’s also used to reduce the risk of electrical shock from a receptacle located in damp locations and/or counter top areas.

What does a fishy smell coming from my outlet mean?

If you notice a smell coming from your outlet or switch, there’s a good chance your receptacle could be damaged. Turn off the power immediately and call our home electrical service experts.

What Uses the Most Electricity in My Home?

The appliances that typically use the most electricity in homes include air conditioners, space heaters, water heaters, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and electric ovens. The actual consumption can vary based on the efficiency of the appliances, how often they are used, and the size of the home.

Why Is My Light Switch Hot?

When you reach to your light switch to turn it off, only to find that it’s hot to the touch, you have a problem. This is not a normal phenomenon, and it indicates that there are serious issues hiding behind your walls. If you don’t get help right away, you could end up facing a serious electrical fire in your home.

Can I DIY Electrical Repairs?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to immediately spot an electrical issue. Any good handyman will tell you that they can fix it themselves without a problem. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Handymen are not qualified to handle electrical work. Electricians have to undergo years of extensive training and certification processes to obtain his or her license. Sure, a license may seem like a piece of paper, but that paper is something that can save your life.

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